Rational Security, Episode #2: The “I Have Marshall McLuhan Right Here” Edition

Shane, Tamara, and Ben talk condemnation over the Charlie Hebdo attack and how much outrage is enough, our fear over foreign fighters, and the expanding vocabulary of cyber “attacks.” Bonus feature: The gang welcomes special guest (our first!) Jeremy Shapiro to talk about his new paper with Daniel Byman, “Be Afraid. Be a Little Afraid: The Threat of Terrorism from Western Foreign Fighters in Iraq and Syria.”

Plus, Ben takes another close look at intelligence community gift-shop swag made in Pakistani factories, this time by NSA:

Tamara talks about a box given to her from an Iranian scholar and how it’s a metaphor for peace negotiations:


And Shane discusses how a stone from the shores of the Pacific Ocean helped bring to a close his long quest to find his grandfather’s Army records.


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