The science behind the headlines. Ask a Scientist gives context and depth to trending issues by featuring the scientists who study and understand them best. Former journalist, current science communicator and perpetual novice birder Dave McGlinchey hosts this podcast. He asks a scientist, so you don’t have to.

Episode #3: “Climate Change Impacts on the Oceans“: In this episode, Dave explores the impact of climate change on the world’s oceans with Heather Goldstone, host of “Living Lab on the Point,” from WCAI on Cape Cod. Heather and Dave discuss how changing oceans could affect everything from the ocean’s composition to the animals that live in the seas. Can you imagine Cape Cod with no cod? That day may be coming.

Episode #2: “Birds, Bears and the Arctic“: Arctic wildlife expert Steven Brown talks about his work tracking wildlife in the arctic, including the time he was stalked by a particularly unfriendly bear. Host Dave McGlinchey also talks with Brown about his upcoming expeditions tracking birds, and the tension between wildlife preservation and oil drilling.

Episode #1, “Concussions!”: In the inaugural episode, Dave explores the science of concussions with Mark Burns, who runs the Laboratory for Brain Injury and Dementia at Georgetown University. How can we tell when someone has suffered a concussion? Could you have had a concussion and not know it? And how do concussions affect brain health?

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