A show for people who love good debates on divisive issues by serious people but think moderators just get in the way. We put interesting people on opposite sides of table separated only by a chess clock. We give them equal time on the clock, and then we let them have at it.

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Episode #11: “Ed Whelan vs. Simon Lazarus: “How Should the Senate Respond to the Nomination of Neil Gorsuch?”

Episode #10: Alice Rivlin vs. Joe Antos: “How Should Obamacare be Repaired and Replaced?

Episode #9: David Luban vs. Daniel Byman: “Is There a Duty to Serve in Trump’s America?

Episode #8: Rishabh Bhandari v. Quinta Jurecic: “Is the Student Left a Big Problem on College Campuses and Beyond?

Episode #7: Philip Wallach v. Romina Boccia: “Should Congress Junk the Debt Ceiling?

Episode #6: Jonathan Rauch v. Norm Eisen: “Political Machines Should be Stronger and Government Should be Less Transparent.”

Episode #5: Kori Schake v. Ryan Evans: “Should the United States Arm Ukraine?

Episode #4: Natan Sachs v. David Hazony: “Is Netanyahu or Obama to Blame for Messing Up the US-Israel Relationship?”

Episode #3: Suzanne v. Doran on Iran: “Does Obama Have  Secret Iran Strategy?

Episode #2: Shane Harris v. James Kirchick on “Should Reporters Have to Testify About Their Anonymous Sources?”

Episode #1: Jonathan Rauch and Isabel Sawhill on “Can Marriage Be Saved?”

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